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Essay Writing Competition 

Prize of HK$5,000


Submission deadline:

31 December 2021

Sign up first to get a deadline extension!
(Extended deadline: 9th January 2022)

Thank you!

Topic questions:


1. Write a political manifesto based on Sikh principles aimed at the HK population as if you were running for a Legco seat.​


2. What kind of outreach programs should a place of worship promote / organise to build a sense of community in the local population?​


3. What are some challenges you have faced as a member of the HK Sikh diaspora and how have Sikh principles helped you overcome them? ​


4. How can the social integration of the Sikh diaspora or immigrants into local populations be facilitated? Are there any successful examples?


Font:           Times New Roman 

Spacing:     1.5 pt line spacing

Citation:      APA citation style

Word limit:  2,500 - 3,000 words 

Competition guidelines:

1. Choose 1 topic mentioned above to write about.

2. Format and word limit should be followed. 

3. File to be submitted should be in PDF form and should follow this naming format: "Full name_topic question no.". 


e.g. If topic 1 is chosen, file name would be "Fullname_1"

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