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Posting Guidelines

  1. Select the appropriate forum category. 

  2. If your degree does not fit any of the available categories, please choose Others. Your post may be re-categorised under new categories by administrators.

  3. Select Start a Discussion.


  • Input the full name of your degree with the abbreviated name of your institution in brackets: 

e.g. Bachelor of Arts (HKU)



  • Give a brief overview of your degree in the following format:


Entrance requirements: [Website link / Brief summary]

Years of study:

Fee per year (HKD$):

Class structure:


Internship requirement during study: [Yes / No]

Exchange opportunities: [Yes / No]

Possibility for intercalated degree: [Yes / No]

Option for major / minor degrees: [Yes / No]

University credit requirements: [Website link / Brief summary]


  • Click the + icon and insert a divider.

  • Share your university tips and experiences. Please use subheadings (e.g. by Year) and bullet points to organise your input for ease of understanding.

  • Change the alignment of all text to Justify.

  • Lastly, feel free to browse all of the posts available, and discuss and ask questions to your fellow students and graduates!

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