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Our story

We noticed a need in the community to foster professional development in youths from different cultural backgrounds, and we were inspired to take the next step. In our pursuit of professional development, supporting young people in Hong Kong in their education, and paving a new direction for the image of Sikhs in Hong Kong, we aim to instill and spread the spirit of selfless service by and for all.


In providing such services, we are driven by Sikh values such as gender equality, racial diversity, equal opportunities, and community service and as such we decided to call this organisation "Pargaas."


Pargaas, ਪਰਗਾਸਿ in Gurmukhi, means "enlighten/enlightenment".

Our aims

We are a non-profit [not for profit] organisation that aims to promote personal and professional development of young people of Hong Kong through the advancement of Sikh Principles.


In our dedication to the advancement of education, promotion of the Sikh religion, and support for the youth and ethnic minorities, including Sikh immigrants, we strive to enhance social harmony for the betterment of the Hong Kong community. This will be achieved through the encouragement of personal and professional growth among the youth of Hong Kong, fostering social unity by embracing Sikh principles such as equality (including equal opportunities, access to information, and gender equality), selfless community service, and raising awareness of the ethnic minority youth.

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